teamWork XRM

Beyond CRM - teamWork XRM is more than a CRM solution, where scope is confined not only till closing the deal. Once a deal is closed teamWork lets you manage Sales Order, help you execute Project, reminds you for Payment and provides excellent customer support after order is executed.


Our Features

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Consolidated Database

Manage individuals to companies, directors, and corporate shareholders

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Leads Management

Automate, Track & Control your Leads. Create Quotations & Manage all your Sales orders .

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Register Management

All Registers will be updated in real-time as long as data is being inputted or modified in the system.

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Track your work, manage your employees, generate reports and so much more.

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Users can keep track of Due Dates and every single key event, track of current tasks due and activities completed for companies, deals, and people.

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Manage Officers, employees, processes, partners, assets, suppliers, website leads, repeat customers, vendors, and partners in one place.

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Document Management

Manage all Office documents, PDF records, and email functions. Track, store, and process hassle-free business documents.

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Template / Resolution Generation

Generate customizable Template that automate document generations whether it is resolution, appointment letter, proposal, contract, or any other type of routine document.

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Streamline the sales process by tracking and measuring every sales activity and correspondingly planning, organizing, and monitoring the work of the sales team.

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Project and Task Management

Manage your various projects & define personal and team tasks to work on. You can Assign tasks to one another & Update task status when completed.

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Send messages with the mass group through calls, emails, text messages, etc., regarding documents, quotes, purchases, and tasks associated with each lead and client.

CRM & Project and Task Management


Customer Relationship Management

* Customer Management

* Contact Management

* Customer Interaction and History tracking

* Opportunity / Leads Management

* Activity and Potential customers

* Sales Management

* Cash Flow Management

* Forecasting

* Customer Category and Targeted Marketing

* Mass Communication

* Sales Dashboard

Project and Task Management

* Project Management

* Project Pipeline

* Project Monitoring

* Project Activities

* Activity Expense/ Staff Claim

* Project Costing and Profitability

* Resource Management

* Resource Categorization and Engagement

* Time Sheet

* Task Management Employee Performance

* Real time job monitoring

* Billing & Invoicing

* Auto Invoicing by Millstones

* Automated workflow for recurring payments

* Project Dashboard