Practice Management Solution

teamWork Practice Management Solution (PMS)

Streamline your operations with teamWork Practice Management Solution (PMS) and keep your billing, filing, payments, invoicing and more on track.  PMS can manage everything from customer records and scheduling to billing, claims processing and automated routine processes. It integrates all aspects of running your practice to support your business goals.

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Our Features

Automate, Track & Control your Leads. Create Quotations & Manage all your Sales orders.

Leads Management

Send messages with the mass group through calls, emails, text messages, etc., regarding documents, quotes, purchases, and tasks associated with each lead and client.

Mass Communication

Track your work, manage your employees, and generate reports and so much more.

Activity & Timesheet Tracking

Streamline the sales process by tracking and measuring every sales activity and correspondingly planning, organizing, and monitoring the work of the sales team

Sales Cycle Management

Manage your various projects & define personal and team tasks to work on. You can assign tasks to one another & Update task status when completed.

Project and Task Management

Integration with Xero and QuickBooks, manage accounts, calculate income and tax, financial forecasts, and all from single Software.

Finance Management (Integration with Xero/QuickBooks Online)