Transform Your Accounting Practice Today: Discover the Power of teamWork PMS

An end-to-end business management software, especially for accounting firms, to end the overwhelm and streamline every step of your accounting practice. Happy customers and on-time filing and reporting every time.

Managing an accounting firm can feel like an endless battle against time, compliance and client expectations. Late nights at the office, the stress of managing a myriad client details and requests, and the frustration of inefficient processes can take a toll on you and your team.


You’re Not Alone in This

We understand. The journey of managing a practice is fraught with challenges that seem insurmountable. Missed deadlines, compliance headaches, inefficient task delegation, and an existing software system that’s either bolted together, buggy or generic and just doesn’t really suit your purposes – a hindrance rather than a help. It’s a reality that leaves little room for growth or a personal life, leading to burnout and business stagnation. But what if there was a way to turn the tide?

Imagine a world where these problems are a thing of the past. Imagine your business running smoothly and seamlessly because it’s all been organised for you.

The solution you’ve been hoping for is here.

Introducing teamWork PMS—a Practice Management Software designed specifically for accounting firms like yours.


With teamWork PMS, you can finally transform the way you manage your practice, from automating routine tasks to revolutionising client relationships and beyond.


Here’s how teamwork PMS will change your practice


SOP and Planning Module

Standardise operations, ensuring consistency and quality in every client engagement – SOPs prebuilt for you for the way an accounting firm should run.


Task and Project Management Automation

Allocate and track tasks effortlessly, boosting efficiency and reducing errors.


CRM and Sales Pipeline Management

Keep clients close and convert leads with ease, enhancing satisfaction and retention. Never miss a lead again. Remember the win is in the follow-up. There’s SOPs built-in for that too.


Ticket Management

Overwhelmed by client questions and don’t know who to answer first or how to track and keep up with them all? Now all your clients need to do is raise a ticket in teamWork PMS for you to address in a streamlined order. Never lose a client again because they think you don’t care.


Dashboard and KPIs

Gain real-time insights into your firm’s performance, enabling informed decision-making.


AI-Assisted Add-On Solutions (PMS C-Suite)

Position yourself as a valued consultant ahead of your competition. Leverage cutting-edge technology for financial analysis, risk assessment, and more, delivering reports in seconds, not hours.


Results You Can Expect

Take the First Step Towards Transformation
Don’t let another day pass under the shadow of inefficient, time-sucking practices and stress-building overwhelm. It’s time to embrace a solution that automates and systemises your entire business operation from end to end.

Book a demo of teamWork PMS today and see first-hand how this revolutionary software, designed to meet the needs of accounting firms, can transform your practice.