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Teamworkapac Pte Ltd


TeamWork APAC Pte Ltd (TeamWork) is the brain-child and subsidiary of InfoTrust Singapore Pte Ltd and brings more than 13 years of experience in the field of IT Solutions. TeamWork was established to be the premier IT consultant and service provider with the capacity and experience of providing strategic technology solutions that achieve realistic business results. TeamWork is determined to provide user-friendly & innovative IT solutions with customers through its expertise and in-depth analysis of client requirements.

TeamWork is at the forefront of revolutionizing the information technology arena by providing the best products and services to a wide range of industries and enterprises. The company’s strategy, which is elucidated by a determined and compelling focus on convergence and innovation, strives to establish TeamWork as a synthesized speculator and benchmark for new IT services globally.

Backed by a large in-house team of project managers, IT system engineers, developers as well as a fully operational outsourcing and call centre, TeamWork is changing the way how businesses market & interact with their customers, one business at a time.

Board of Advisors

M. Nazri Muhd

Product Design & Engineering

Mervyn Cheah

Governance & Technology in Digital Transformation

Angela Dove

Market Analytics & Research

Our Strengths

Customised Software Solutions

We have knowledge and experience to deliver a software that aptly meet your need

Experience of 500+ clients

With 20 years of successful business, we have completed an array of projects across many domains providing superior solutions

Backed by arsenal of IT experts

Strong team of IT professionals whose combined experience enables us to provide a diverse range of IT solutions.


There are no hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information at each step.