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TWCSS - teamWork Corporate Secretarial Solution

Clients encounter various problems before using the system whereby there their data requires manual updating in Excel and even data duplication across various different companies and individuals. This leads to high risk of miscommunication, misfiling and even loss of customer’s records. Furthermore, before each ACRA filing, different companies have their own standard routine of procedures for acquiring respective filing companies’ details and registries as well as managing the tracking for such procedures will require their extra effort with manual generation and passing over to the companies for authorization. teamWork's TWCSS will help to manage your entire corporate secretarial operations and ensure that your processes run smoothly with the aid of business automation and digitalisation.

SPA Management Solution

The SPA Management system helps to eliminate manual booking and amendment of appointments which would lead to errors that could be costly for your business. It relieves the pain and lightens up your operational load by automating and streamlining processes. The SPA management system records the various SPA packages and services and helps to track redemption of these packages. It can definitely be used by frontline receptionist, beauticians to update condition of customer and whoever holds an operational or managerial post in the center.

Customer Relationship Management

Few of the problems that most client encountered before using the system, are that essential information is hosted on multiple systems, causing multiple data duplications resulting in wasted time and resources. Furthermore, when different departments work individually instead of integrating their processes and communication to address customer needs, more data redundacies will appear, and will require extra effort and costs to sort out the information. Lastly, when key customer data is updated manually, it will lead to higher risk of miscommunication, misfilling and even loss of customer's records. Depending on your industry and requirements, our CRM-related products TWXRM & teamWork CRM will help kickstart your digitalisation journey and optimise your entire company's operations.

Clinic Management Software

Clinic Management software is a complete, user-friendly and integrated information system designed to manage the administrative, financial aspects of a clinic and its service processing.It significantly increases clinical efficiency, allowing doctors/nurses to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork. It records and maintains a series of information related to patient’s medical and service history. It also provides analytical reports for clinic management that concerns inventory, income and customer relationship management. It can be used by doctors, nurses, pharmacist, dispenser, or whoever holds an operational or managerial post in the clinic, pharmacy and office.

Inventory Management Solution

The Inventory Management system is an application software that provides information for effective management of the flow of materials, utilization of people and equipment, sorting of internal activities and communication with customers. It helps you to eliminate your loads of manual work and errors that could be costly for your business. It relieves your growing pains and lightens up your operational load by automating and streamlining processes. This Inventory management with mission critical features, will make yourself breeze throughout your management of sales channel, stock handling, and order fulfillment and many more in no time.

Education Management Solution

Education system has gradually become more important in the market and it's importance can be seen when more tution centres, private schools surfaces. Before using the education system, teachers have greater administrative burden, where they are always overloaded with information and tasks, leading to stress, forced error, omissions and also leaving them with lesser time to teach and interact with their students and parents. Also, when education system are not strong, students take advantage of it and start playing truant. Parents will also not be notified of their child's performance regularly, and preventive measures will be too late by then.